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My Name is Sarah Dewey. Traveling, fashion, and the beauty of film/photography are some of my loves of life. I'm currently living in Germany, traveling around Europe, with my canon EOS T3i Rebel. I try to capture what interests me and hopefully you too. :-) I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I attended college in Florida but am currently taking a year off. Clearly, I love to explore, experience different things, and meet new people. There is a whole other world out there that most people will not be able to see. I've been fortunate enough to get a glimpse. I would love to continue to unravel this big planet one place at a time. Being able to share my experiences with the world, letting people see what I see, enlightens something inside me. I encourage others to find that light inside of themselves and really, just, Be You. Enjoy :-)

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A little heads up ---
Most photos taken up till about May 2012, have been taken with an iphone :-/
A lot of my inspiration comes from Joseph Campbell. Look him up, you will not regret it. Home Message history random Theme
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